reine-patate: I made witchy balls for Yule! …


I made witchy balls for Yule!
Here are the ingredients I used :
– Kosher salt
– Lavender
– Rose petals
– Hyssop
– Sage
– Vervain
– Chili flakes
– Baby’s breath
– Mountain laurel seeds
– Some non descript plants I gathered with my boys on our last strolls, and that are filled with love and happiness

I put them in various amounts according to where I put them in the house to have the following effects:
Kitchen: creativity, love, psychic abilities, protection
Main room: protection, cleansing, love, creativity, happiness
Master bedroom: love, honesty, dreams, sleep, serenity

It’s a pretty cheap and easy way to practice the craft and to protect and put good vibes in your house. Also, it’s really cute and is pretty easy to fit in a secret witch regimen, if your relatives celebrate Christmas ☺️